Father’s Speaking Out: Fathering from a Women’s Perspective




The book “Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus” highlighted the difference in both men and women’s cognitive processing and resulting actions. These differences are often revealed in the differing parenting styles and approaches to child rearing utilized by Fathers and Mothers. Yet children need both parenting approaches to develop into emotionally healthy and stable adults. It is important for both Mothers and Fathers to understand, appreciate and support each other’s parent/child relationships. Through the facilitation of Tonya McCampbell, a Master level Social Worker and member of The Stephan Center training team, men who are fathering explore and discuss the challenges of understanding and supporting the needs of the mothers of the children in their homes and communities.

Discussion areas include:

  • What Moms expect and need from Dads
  • Moms approaches to meeting children’s needs
  • Sharing household duties/responsibilities
  • Methods of communication
  • Modeling loving and respectful relationships between parents


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